Adventures in Millinocket – How to drive to Katahdin in winter

One beautiful February day in 2012,  my friend Melissa and I took my old Dodge Durango for a four wheel drive adventure through Millinocket, Maine. We’d been wanting to discover how to drive to Katahdin in winter – but as it turns out – you can’t/ We took some of the logging roads so we could see Mount Katahdin.  We explored, we had a beautiful sunset, and it was a great day overall. As I’m writing this in 2016, I couldn’t even tell you where we drove. But it was beautiful!

We took 95 North to the exit for Baxter State Park. There’s a few nice stops along the way. We grabbed a snack and a beverage and went on our way! There’s no better site than spotting a winter Katahdin – Katahdin means mountain, if you weren’t aware. It’s a legendary site in the great state of Maine. I don’t recommend doing what we did – we literally almost died when we got stuck – but it’s a nice adventure to share a few years later. I hope you enjoy my photos from my winter drive to Mr. Katahdin! Writing this now, I really have no idea of where we went or how we got there. but we did!

Have you taken a drive like this, with no intention? Tell us about it! or – any stories of your adventures in learning how to drive to Katahdin in winter?

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