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Seboomook Wilderness Campground

The Seboomook Wilderness Campground is in the northwest cove of Moosehead Lake, close to the Golden Road and the Canadian border.  We spent time at Seboomook over Labor Day of September of 2012 and 4th of July in 2013 & 2014.  The remote nature and distance from civilization are the best and worst parts of this campground.  Once you are there, you are there for the duration so gear up and get ready to enjoy a weekend off the grid.

To get there, you travel up the northwest side of the lake to Rockwood, you take the 20 Mile Road and the Seboomook Road for approximately 32 miles.  The 20 Mile Road is a dirt road mostly maintained by Plum Creek which has logged the land substantially.  These roads are rugged and require a car with decent clearance and good tires or a sense of adventure.  We’ve had a few flat tires and slow leaks on this road so make sure you have a spare and some fix-a-flat.

We love the Seboomook Wilderness Campground. The campground itself is open and grassy and makes for a nice weekend when its sunny and nice.  It’s a little too exposed for windy and wet weather, but as campers must do, you make due.   There is no cell reception here (or at least there wasn’t in 2014) and the campground runs off generators.  There is a camp store that has provisions and firewood and a full bathhouse.

Seboomook is great for paddling, fishing and exploring the nearby Seboomook Dam which gives way to the start of the West Branch of the Penobscot River.  Because this is a private campground, you can have fireworks and there are fewer regulations and rules than a state park.  The site also has an interesting history as it was the site of a German POW work camp during WWII.

This campground is certainly worth a visit.  Bring your best friends, good food and delicious brews and enjoy some time off the grid!

Happy camping!

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