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Hiking Pemetic Mountain in Acadia National Park

Hiking Pemetic Mountain in Acadia National Park

Pemetic Mountain is one of our favorite mountains in Acadia National Park. This is top of the list for day hikes in Acadia National Park. It’s a challenging hike with some incredible view and bonus activities. This hike is easily accessed bu Jordan Pond – it’s considered one of the more difficult hikes from Jordan Pond.  Pemetic Mountain provides great views, with some fun viewpoints, including a cavern with a ladder to crawl through.If you like hikes in Acadia with ladders, you’re in luck!

Parking for Pemetic Mountain Ridge Trails - out and back

Parking: For this trail, park at the Jordan Pond House! Parking here can be dismal, so get there early, or be prepared to walk. My advice is to always be patient and make a lot of circles. 

Pemetic Mountain Trail Stats - Ridge Trails out and back

Distance: 6.1 miles loop

Elevation Gain: 1,877 feet

Trails: North and South Ridge trails on Pemetic, Jordan Pond loop

Level: Intermediate

Dogs: yep

Kids: Advanced

Our Experience hiking Pemetic Trail in Winter

We parked at the Jordan Pond House, and did a road walk to the trailhead for Pemetic Mountain. The Park Loop road was closed the day we did it, in Winter, but it’s a good option for parking all season. During the summer, it’s one of the best hikes from Jordan Pond. We did the North and South Ridge trails on Pemetic Mountain and then did the Jordan Pond Loop back to the car. It was a great hike, with stellar views. If you’re interested in finding hikes in Acadia with ladders, add this to your list!

Selfie fun – the sky was beautiful. We parked at the Jordon Pond house and walked into the park more. The road was closed for the season. The trailhead wasn’t too far in on the right.
Pemetic Mountain to South Ridge Trail.


Tried out my Thrive DFT for the hike- I recommend these if you’re wanting a nice steady release of energy! Awesome for athletes. And not having that after lunch slump! FMI: Click here!


That sky, though.


My favorite place.


“…it’s very much like your trying to reach infinity. You know that it’s there, you just don’t know where-but just because you can never reach it doesn’t mean that it’s not worth looking for.” Norton Juster – The Phantom Tollbooth


We came across a gorge with a man made wooden ladder heading down it.. so of course we followed.


I hope there are no trolls!
Heading back around Jordan Pond to end our trip. We did walk about a mile through the woods after our decent.


Bubble Mountains! I love the Jordan Pond Path.
Go Pro time!
Unbelievable sky


So mad I wore those orange gloves.


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