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Sandy Stream Pond

It was a rainy morning at Baxter State Park, but we decided to make the absolute best of it by taking a trip out to Sandy Stream Pond! We were staying at Roaring Book Campground, which is a great place to camp when exploring the park. You can connect to Baxter Peak from Roaring Brook via the following trails – first you have to reach Chimney Pond, then you take Saddle, Cathedral, Helon Taylor, or Dudley.See more on this Virtual Trail Map here or buy one via Amazon to keep! Katahdin; Baxter state Park Trail Map. You can also reach some lighter hikes from Roaring Brook Campground – we’ve done a few together. South Turner Mountain, (which is difficult) and the much, much milder Sandy Stream Pond. Sandy Stream Pond is also a great place to see Moose – although we didn’t see any this year.

We did the 1.5 mile trail out and back. You walk down this trail when heading up to Chimney Pond, so if you’re taking the full trail to Chimney, make a quick stop out here to check out the views!


The trail out to Sandy Stream Pond is gorgeous. There are a few lookouts and great spots to take in the views and wildlife. You can also do a bit of rock hopping to get some good group shots 🙂

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Sandy Stream Pond in Baxter State Park


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