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Camping in Acadia National Park – Seawall Campground

Winter’s long nights give you plenty of time for planning summer adventures and I like to book my weekends well in advance. I recently booked our third year at Seawall Campground in Acadia National Park. This is one of my most anticipated annual trips primarily because its just my son and I- a true test of my single mom camping skills. I’m looking forward to sharing my secrets regarding camping in Acadia National Park.


In 2015, I was camping a lot with my sights on the 31 Nights Out challenge and decided that we would start a tradition of camping in the park each summer. You can hear about my experience here. While camping with others is great, it was important for me to try camping without other adults and this was the best place to do it because of all the possibilities for adventure.

Acadia National Park has always been my favorite outdoor destination in Maine and I have enjoyed helping my son cultivate a deep appreciation of one of our most beautiful treasures so I decided on Seawall Campground.  I picked Seawall because of the proximity to the ocean and the tide pool exploring that can be done just across the road from the campground.  Seawall is close to Wonderland and Ship Harbor which are awesome spots for hikes that can be disguised as a walk to little legs.  Seawall is also on the Route of the Island Explorer, the Island’s shuttle service- Thank you L.L. Bean!

With our small car packed to capacity with our camping needs (a tent, an easy up, air mattress, pillows, kitchen equipment and supplies, cooler, food, lanterns, camp chairs, beach toys, a boy, and a few other sundries) we were off.

After about an hour and a half in the car, we stopped for camp wood and arrived at the campground.  We found our site, close to the water spigot and not far from the main road that leads to the beach.  We began unpacking the car, item by item and I gave Dresden a few jobs to keep him busy.  For the most part, setting up camp was a breeze, but the easy-up was a little challenging and I had to enlist the boy to assist with that beast. I was proud of the fact that he and I had done it together.  And I’m happy to report that my single mom camping skills have only gotten better from there! In 2016 my game was on point complete with a tablecloth, plants for the table and LED lights in the tent and easy-up.  This year’s challenge is to take it to the next level.

August 2015 Itinerary for Camping in Acadia National Park

August 2016 Itinerary for Camping in Acadia National Park

What is your favorite place to camp on Mount Desert Island?  What are your favorite tips and finishing touches for your campsite? Tell us about your experience camping in Acadia National Park!

Wishing you sun and blue skies!


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