You are currently viewing Beginner’s Guide to Skiing on Big Moose Mountain at Big Squaw Resort

Beginner’s Guide to Skiing on Big Moose Mountain at Big Squaw Resort

I set out to check out what it was like to go skiing on Big Moose Mountain at Big Squaw Resort. Spoiler – this day was AWESOME. For so many reasons.

  1. It was 45 degrees out
  2. I skied down Intermediate trails, only falling three times and one was pretty epic.
  3. Making memories with great friends – We kept a 2 year old occupied for 6 hours
  4. We had a great meal at a fantastic restaurant and saw a live band
  5. No one hurt themselves.

My good friends Matt and Allison planned this adventure – they have an adorable son, Wells, who is a little over 2 years old, and is just the best buddy ever. He’s well traveled and just wins people over with his demeanor and smile. He loves his DD – and DD loves him! We wanted to check out a ski mountain about 2 hours away from us in Greenville – Big Squaw Mountain, which is actually located on the newly renamed Big Moose Mountain 🙂 Very Pc. The Ski Lodge is still called Big Squaw. Here’s a bit of it’s history from

Big Squaw Mountain had been closed for a period of time, from 2010 – 2013 because of financial difficulties.However, the Friends of Squaw Mountain is a 503C nonprofit started by a group of hard working Mainers in 2012 with the goal of awakening a sleeping beauty, Squaw Mountain Ski Area. Squaw had been closed since the end of the 2009-2010 ski season due to financial difficulties. This closure greatly affected the local economy. In early 2012, The Friends of Squaw Mountain began their work, hoping to save their beloved backyard mountain. Local businesses have contributed a great deal to aid in this endeavor. Support has spread beyond the bounds of Greenville Junction, and businesses throughout New England have come to our aid, donating everything from firewood to credit card terminals. It is amazing what can happen when people join forces to accomplish such an incredible goal.


The bottom half of the mountain is the only portion that is open right now, but it’s more than enough for a great day. The rumor is that you can hike up to the top of the mountain and ski the upper mountain trails – and that those trails may be reopened in the future! All the more reason to add skiing on Big Moose Mountain at Big Squaw Resort to your list of things to do in Maine!

We left Hampden around 8:30 am – the drive is about 2 hours, plus a coffee stop. It’s a nice drive. We hit the mountain around 10:30 – 11 and it was perfect timing! We alternated keeping Wells busy in the lodge and we went in pairs to ski. I am a pretty good skier – I finally got my own boots + skis this year! I am still learning, and I am not very brave but this mountain was perfect for someone like me. I did my fair share of falling, but the experience was a good one – great views and not too scary. I was a bit braver on this mountain, and Matt and Allison were great to give me some tips. They both were snowboarding and have been for years. Matt also has been skiing his whole life, so he was really helpful. Thanks guys!! I’d definitely recommend lessons for someone who hasn’t had much experience skiing. and if you have no experience – it’s all good! This Florida girl had NO experience skiing before she moved to Maine. so it can be done!!

Lift tickets are very affordable! All of their prices are very affordable. Our lift tickets were $30.00 each! Here’s their 2016 – 2017 prices. They are now closed for the season, so this post is a bit late, but I thought the story and the experience was definitely worthy of a share! They will reopen in Dec. There’s a bar and a food counter operated by Northwoods Gourmet Girl – we were enjoying Geaghan’s on tap in between runs. They also had a nice fire going to warm up by! It’s a very cozy and friendly place. Another great reason to go skiing on Big Moose Mountain at Big Squaw Resort!

I only fell a few times. LOL. Once I was distracted by the abandoned lodge on one of the trails, and most other times, I just wasn’t under control. Ahh the joys of learning to ski. Ice and ibuprofen are my good friends. Check out one of my falls below.

We were quite hungry after our adventure skiing at Big Moose Mountain at Big Squaw Resort, and we were really looking forward to checking out one of our favorite places – The Stress Free Moose Pub! This place is a staple in Greenville, and has grown quite substantially since I first visited it a few years ago. It was totally packed on this day, but it’s a great vibe – we were making friends with our neighbors and the people running the place were awesome and super helpful! Service was fast, food was delicious, beers were cold and live music was happening. A perfect end to a perfect day!

Greenville and the Moosehead Lake region is growing in a BIG way. It’s a hidden gem of Maine – but it won’t be that way for long. Definitely put this area on your list, whether you’re visiting Maine or living here. There’s still so much more exploration to be done!

Sending Love + Light from Maine!


FMI on Big Squaw History :

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