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Beginner’s Guide to Scarborough Beach State Park

illow….. Beach season is here, and we are beach bums at the core.  Scarborough Beach State Park is by far one of the best beaches in Maine.  This beach is one of Maine’s great surf beaches and offers a more rustic feel than other beaches in Southern Maine (Read: Outhouses) and has a very chill vibe.  I have enjoyed coming to this beach since I was in college and was excited to share my love of the ocean with my son as soon as he was old enough.  This beach is our go to for 75 degree blue bird days May-September where we can watch the surfers and play in the sand.

The surf can sometimes be rough at this oceanside beach, so it’s important to check the warnings before you go to make sure it will be a good day for playing in the ocean.  I am a huge fan of oceanside beaches and prefer the surf and ocean views to bayside beaches.  It’s also important to note that even though this beach has State Park in its name, it is not part of the Maine State Park system so your state park pass won’t get you in here.  The good news is that they offer a nice discount for Maine residents, and it’s not too expensive to get in for non residents – for more info on that click here.

You should be sure to get to the beach early so you can score a parking spot in the front lot.  This cuts down on the distance that you have to lug your gear.  If you’re anything like us, we pack a lot for a day at the beach.  As a single mom, I love our beach buggy no matter where we park.  I can load up all of the coolers, toys and towels and roll right down to the beach.

We usually pack a cooler lunch when we go, I like simple foods like sandwiches and veggies and Dresden opts for a snack plate with cheese and crackers.  We each serve as seagull lookouts while the other eats lunch, we’ve seen some crafty seagulls get lucky here.  Sometimes will grab some fries and a burger at the food truck.  The food truck also has awesome homemade ice cream sandwiches, but you have to get there early in the day before they sell out!  Dresden loves to get a Fla Vor Ice or some Air Heads at the snack shack on our way out of the park.

Don’t forget to check out the surfers while you are there.  One of my former bosses runs Surf Camp Maine here all summer, so it’s great to watch new and experienced surfers catching waves and learning the sport. (Tell them we sent you!) You can also get a surf lesson here if you’d like.  If you have some experience, but don’t have a board, you can also rent equipment at Arlberg Ski and Surf for a reasonable price.

We love making memories at the beach each year and as my son gets older, we have different types of fun.  Stay tuned for more posts of our favorite beaches in Maine!

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To long summer days and churning tides….


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