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Packing tips for Adventures AWAY from Maine!

Hey it’s DD! I am getting ready to head out this week on my annual girls trip with my friends from Florida to Islamorada and Fort Lauderdale, followed by meeting up with my Dad to head to Ohio to ride roller coasters at Cedar Point – (it’s kind of our thing) Dad’s 70, and he definitely gave me the adventure gene! (Watch my Instagram for highlights – and if you’re a snapchat kind of person – you can find me there, too 🙂 – adventuresofdd ) I’ll be gone for a week + I intend to pack lightly and still look fashionable. If you’re anything like me, packing can be a total whirlwind, so I thought I’d share my packing tips. I need to start a few days in advance to go over my list and make sure I don’t overpack, because I REFUSE to pay extra for luggage. ( I know you all can relate!) – I’ve put together a checklist that I reference every time I start to pack, because I inevitably forget something super important and obvious – read: toothbrush, underwear, brush… sigh. hence – packing tips

Here’s DD’s list for plane packing! (Which I am planning to pack all in my favorite bag from my Cairn Subscription – my Cotopaxi pack!


(FMI on Cairn  – use this link! )

  1. Travel Toothbrush + Toothpaste – At this point, I have three sets, and I keep them in EVERY possible travel bag that I might bring. Yes, I have forgotten them that often. HA.
  2. Gallon plastic bag! – I keep one in my closet with all of my travel size toiletries (and a toothbrush + toothpaste) so I can grab and adjust as necessary. Plus I can always find them when I need them! Here’s what I keep in it –
    1. Travel size dry shampoo – BECAUSE WHO CAN LIVE WITHOUT DRY SHAMPOO! One I like – travel size Bedhead Rockaholic
    2. face lotion – in a gootube (thanks Cairn! – you should get your own Cairn box. Click here)
    3. body lotion (Or I just buy something at a local store and leave it when I leave – because it’s like 3.00)
    4. deodorant
    5. razor
    6. hair straightener – travel size
    7. brush and or comb
    8. hair frizz creme – or any other styling need
    9. bobby pins + hair ties
    10. headbands
    11. travel perfume
    12. Downy Wrinkle Remover
    13. Vitamins
    14. Medications
    15. Melatonin
    16. Bug spray wipes
    17. chapstick w/ SPF
  3. Electronics + Entertainment
    1. Phone charger
    2. battery backup
    3. book – yes a physical book
    4. magazine
    5. Earphones
    6. Neck pillow
    7. I highly recommend these!
  4. Clothes – choose your staple pieces + build from there! I also make a grid of my outfits and make sure to cross over as much as possible. The goal is to only make it home with one or two pieces that I didn’t wear!
    1. flip flops – rainbows
    2. flip flops – dressy
    3. I wear jeans on the plane
    4. A hoodie or comfortable sweater than can double as a blanket if needed.
    5. I bring a long black maxi skirt or a few dresses
    6. jean shorts (JORTS!)
    7. Bathing suit – pick one color + bring a few mix and match tops + bottoms
    8. a cover up – dress + shirt (ish)
    9. as many tank tops and you can fit
    10. a solid color dress – one or two
    11. strapless bra (wear a regular or convertible bra)
    12. undies – the kind that don’t leave lines
    13. Pro tip – don’t pack your cat.
  5. Accessories
    1. Sunglasses
    2. makeup! – waterproof mascara and BB cream with SPF
    3. some fun + funky jewelry
    4. wristlet style purse (which I pack my jewelry in to carry on the plane)
    5. A phone sticky wallet for my ID/Credit cards on the plane so it’s readily available!
  6. Sleepwear
    1. shorts
    2. lularoes – (hit up my girl Sabrina)
    3. long comfy tee
    4. hoodie – that can also function as day wear. Mine’s from Old Navy
    5. sports bra – a few
  7. Business
    1. GoPro
    2. Promo materials
    3. Business Cards

Ok  – so I’ve packed my bag, made my inventory list, laid out my clothes for flying and made a list of the few things I am forgetting. IT AL FIT. Here’s my bag w/ my list + also my plane wear.

More to come on this, but I had to get it out there, because travel season is upon us, and I’m a magician. I hope you find these packing tips useful.

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CHEERS to Adventures!!




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  1. Heather

    Love this Danielle! I recently packed for a two week trip to Thailand in one 33L backpack with room to spare to buy a bunch of souvenirs 🙂 your base packing list is great! – Heather @

    1. DD

      ooh!!! that’s fantastic!!! I usually end up shipping my souvenirs, but that’s in the states. Less is definitely more! I only ended up not wearing one thing and I was so proud of myself. 🙂 Is your post live from Thailand? I’d love to check it out. Can you share the link? THANK YOU!!

    2. DD

      OMG HEATHER IT’S YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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