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Beginner’s Guide to Thunder Hole in Acadia National Park

Park Loop Road, Acadia National Park

Thunder Hole is a must see if you’re visiting Acadia National Park. In my opinion, it’s better when there aren’t a lot of people there, but that is a pretty rare occasion. It’s also a rare occasion for you to catch the sound of thunder while visiting Thunder Hole, but you just might catch it!


From the Visit Maine website……..

Many say the best time to go to Thunder Hole is midway between low and high tide. But be warned – if a storm has just pushed out to sea brave visitors are treated to the trademark thunder, complete with crashing waves in the extreme. Do your due diligence and make sure you check weather reports before you go. The waves have been said to reach up to an immense 40 feet high (needless to say you will get wet, so make sure you’re prepared). But on most days it’s an amazing natural display and certainly a tremendous photo opportunity.

Getting There

Parking for Thunder Hole is right across the street from the access point. You’ll access Thunder Hole by driving down the Park Loop Road, after you pass Sand Beach. Parking will be on your right, access to Thunder Hole is on your left. It’s a one-way street.


Exploring Thunder Hole

You can expect to spend around 15 – 30 minutes here. I recommend exploring the cliffs and checking out the ocean and the tide pools along the Maine coast. It’s amazingly beautiful!

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