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Cairn Box review – June 2017

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Cairn Review – Box of Gear

The Cairn box always seems to know what I need. This month’s box brought us a vessel that was perfect for our summer camping trips – it kept the coffee warm in the morning, and once rinsed out, was a great insulator for wine in the evening.

JUNE, 2017

June Collection

  • DrinkTanks 16 oz. Drinking Vessel | $25.50

    Cairn subscribers are some of the first to get their hands on the new 16 oz. DrinkTanks Vessels! Developed in Bend, and designed with the adventurer in mind, this sweet drink container is temperature-controlled to keep hot liquids hot, and cold liquids cold.

  • DrinkTanks Hot and Cold Lids | $6.50

    An awesome drinking vessel wouldn’t be complete without an awesome lid — so we threw in two of them! The cold lid has a large opening for a free flow pour, while the hot lid has a small opening for more controlled pour.

  • Hydrapak Bottle Bright | $7.99

    Get rid of the coffee stains, beer smells, and gunk in your bottles, bladders, and drinking vessels — like your new 16 oz. DrinkTanks! Bottle Bright tablets are biodegradable and all natural, made to keep all your containers clean and operating at optimum performance.

  • ReGrained Bar | $2.50

    For every 6-pack of beer that is brewed, one pound of grain is left behind. ReGrained pairs upcycled brewer’s malt harvested from craft beer with other clean and intentionally-sourced ingredients like quinoa, oats, and almonds for a delicious (and sustainable) snack. YUM!



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