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Hey it’s DD! We got the gang together one Monday night to chat about our upcoming Katahdin trip (we have 3 lean tos – about 14 people coming!) and we have sort of a tradition when planning this trip – Flight Night at Nocturnem Draft Haus! Nocturnem is a local bar started by a guy named Gene. DD met Gene when she was waitressing at a bar that has since closed, during what I’ll call the “Bangor Renaissance” and Nocturnem was a unique concept for Downtown Bangor when it was started. We’d had Paddy Murphy’s, which is still one of my favorite places, (read more here) but one bar in town can get a little crowded  – plus Paddy’s is a dining destination – you go there for a Guiness burger or one of their amazing salads. Nocturnem Draft Haus opened up as primarily a bar – a 3:00 open time is just in time for happy hour, and snacks.  Nocturnem gave us a place to hang and to try new things – with live music and now, good food. It’s become a staple in the night life for Bangor, but it’s more than just a bar – it’s like an old friend. All of the bartenders know you by name, and know what you like to drink. If you don’t know what you want – just tell them what your favorite beer is and they will bring you something you’ll love. That’s part of the fun of Flight Night – you can try all sorts of new things!

They also have a full bar and drink concoctions and an excellent wine selection. Here’s their Current Draft List and Current Bottle List.  The food menu is ever evolving, the pretzel is one of my all time favorites, and the cheese curds are a great snack to share. On this particular night, I got mac and cheese, chicken wings, and shrimp tacos to go – and my goodness was it delicious!

They have tacos on Tuesday among many other delights – here’s some menu highlights –


There’s a few picnic tables out in the back courtyard for outdoor seating, and it’s first come, first serve. Make sure to put Nocturnem Draft House on your list for when you are in Bangor – you won’t regret it!

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