Why I Live in Maine

Ever wondered if you see the beauty that surrounds you? Not just see it with your eyes, but truly see it? I wonder that often. This is why I live in Maine.

As an emergency room nurse, the need for stress relief is real. Being present is something I strive for each day.

Er Nurse in Maine Stressed Out

That is my life. It’s not glamorous. It’s not beautiful. and sometimes, I need to escape. I need to escape to something beautiful, and real. This is why I live in Maine.

Something like this…..

acadia cliffs
Acadia National Park

And this.

union river
Union River, Mariaville, ME

And this.

Cutler Coast Reserve

And seriously what about this?!

chick hill
Chick Hill, Clifton, ME

My most rewarding moments are after a sweaty, exhausting hike in Maine. It’s not the sweaty part…cause I do plenty of that in the trauma room. But rather, it’s the reminder if the beauty that surrounds me. Most of the time, there’s no need to travel far; just pay more attention to the wonders close to home.

Mariaville, ME
Mariaville Falls, Mariaville, ME
eagles bluff
Rebel Hill, Clifton, ME

It’s moments like all of these that catch my breath and remind me that life is precious. These moments are why I live in Maine.

Blue Hill Mountain, Blue Hill, ME
Precipice Trail, Acadia National Park

I hope these pictures inspire someone, like you, to go outside, pay more attention to the beauty around you, and maybe feel the same as I do. This is why I live in Maine.

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  1. Nerissa Templin

    Maine looks beautiful, love the pictures! And amazing work you do as a nurse!!

  2. Carolina

    Love the photo from the Union river. Must be a dream to go canoeing there!

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