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Things to do in Maine during the Summer

Don't Let Your Maine Summer Slip Away!

I am reflecting on how to take advantage of the rest of the Maine Summer. Angus King recently said “Summer lingers, but cool mornings are a portent. Remember, however, September is our secret”.  If you are not following Senator King on Instagram, you should consider doing so- He rides his Harley around the state and showcases everything that our great state has to offer and shares some wise commentary.  Our Senator’s quote rings so true to me.  While many wish farewell to summer with the passing of Labor Day, I hang onto her sweet sun and breezes to the true end. In the year 2017, when I am writing this, summer officially ends at 4:01pm on Friday, September 22nd.  That gives us three full weeks (and even more if late September and October are hospitable) to maximize the remaining days of summer.

While I love New England in all seasons, Summer is short and I like to ride out the longer days and warmer weather to the last possible moment.  I wanted to share my tips for making the most of your Maine Summer in the final days before Fall’s crisp air and changing colors takes over just in case you need some inspiration.

1. Day Trip to Acadia National Park– This is my favorite late summer activity.  The park roads, trails, streets and restaurants are less crowded and the vibe is very chill.  While the days aren’t as long as they are in June, you can still pack in some late day hikes and excursions. Cadillac, Beehive, Great Head,  Beech Mountain and Pemetic Mountain are some of our favorites. Not to mention, the beach combing is much more lucrative when there are fewer treasure hunters about.  For more on Acadia National Park, check out the “Choose Your Adventure” drop down menu above!

2. Midcoast Tour- This is your chance to cruise to all the midcoast spots on your list. Don’t have a list?  Now’s the time to build yours.  Check out some of those coastal towns, wineries and restaurants.  One of my favorites is Camden and her hills, a stop at Cellardoor Winery and Primo for dinner to start.  Take a trip to Vinalhaven or North Haven for a little island time (you can find the ferry schedule here).  Enjoy the peace and quiet.

3. Fire Pit- The nights are cool, but the fire is hot.  Stack up the firewood and spark a fire in your backyard, at a campsite, or on the water.  This is one of my favorite ways to send summer off in a blaze of glory.  All it takes is a match and some tinder. We also recommend a pocket bellow -(for more gear we love – check out this post!)

4. Deck Beers- It’s your last chance!!! I can’t emphasize this one enough.  You’ll have plenty of time to be inside in January.  Grab your friends and get out to your favorite riverside/lakeside/oceanside/streetside brewery, bar or restaurant.  Look for the weather, it doesn’t matter the day of the week.  Do it!  My favorites for this time of year are Three Tides, Bar Harbor Beer Works and Mason’s.

5. Mountain Wandering- There’s never been a more perfect time to explore Maine’s high peaks. In September, there are no bugs, the breezes are copious and the vacationers are back at work.  If you’re looking for something big, my September favorites are Katahdin, Saddleback, Mt. Abraham and the Bigelows.  If you’d prefer something seaside, I highly recommend Cadillac, Precipice or Beehive.  Enjoy the views and the clear skies.

Share your inspiration for the final days of summer in the comments, and tag us on social media – #lovemaineadventures

Wishing you warm days as the sun fades,


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Maine Summer making the most of it