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OPSAK 2 pack Barrier Bags

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Gear review – storage, barrier bag

You know how you’re always looking for sandwich bags for your miscellaneous items on the trail, like maps, hair ties, and charger cords? Do you destroy the bags and then throw them away and feel terrible about wasting a perfectly good bag? Well, then these barrier bag /dry sacks are for you!

They are absolutely perfect for storing things that you want o keep dry. Bandaids, lip balms, even extra bandanas! I use them for my poop kit, to hold dry paper towels on the trail, and sometime just to keep random things together. At a price you can’t beat,  you just can’t go wrong with these. You can throw you half-eaten apple in one, or use them to store trail mix. The possibilities are truly endless. Add these to your arsenal!

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Pros: Many uses

Cons: Hard to clean when really dirty, but vinegar will do the trick.

Summary: These barrier bags are where it’s at. You need these.

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