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Maiden’s Cliff

Hikes in Camden Hills

There are some trails in the Midcoast Area to enjoy in the fall season. Maiden’s Cliff in Camden, Maine is a great quick-ish hike, perfect for beginners and also very pet friendly! We did a loop  – to get the most miles in, but there’s many variables of this hike, and all take you to the same stunning view!

Getting There

Parking for the trailhead is pretty easy to find.  From Camden, travel north on US Route 1 to the intersection of US Route 1 and ME Route 52. Follow ME Route 52 north for approximately 2.8 miles, and look for the lot on the right.. see photo below. You can also park on the road leading up to the lot if necessary.

We were prepared for cold weather – so we had too many layers on. But that’s the benefit of having layers – you can add on and remove as necessary! Plus – we’ve been having a FANTASTIC extended Fall this season – so it was remarkably warm, comparatively speaking. For more info on how to dress in colder weather – go here!

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There are a few ways up to the monument. We took the long way and did the loop. It’s a bit strenuous to go that way, if you have kids or dogs, we’d recommend avoiding the loop and going straight up to the monument. The loop trail is about 2 miles start to finish, so it’s a brief yet moderate hike that’s great for beginners! Here’s our adventure….

We reached a great lookout point after a short ascent. We were rewarded with great views of Meguinticook Lake

The hike is pretty moderate up until you reach the lookout on the loop. After that is where the ascent begins.

As always, make sure you have appropriate shoes for hiking with a bit of a grip. Gym shoes are not recommended – you want to make sure that you don’t slip and fall!

We took the ridgeline across, and took in the amazing views.

The cairn was how we knew to head over to the cross monument. It’s not really well marked so keep your eyes peeled for that – see the cairn above, it’s a few feet tall!

The cross monument was erected for Eleanora French, a 12 year old who, as the story goes, fell from the cliff while trying to grab her hat, which blew off her head. This article gives you more information regarding the cross and it’s history. Also, check out one of our #lovemaineadventures community members, Casie’s report on the haunted history of this mountain!

We took a nice break at the cross and had our summit beer – choice for today was Sierra Nevada Sidecar Orange Pale Ale – it was nice and hoppy, and refreshing. Something about those hops taste especially delicious on a mountain. We typically like to drink local, but DD saw this when we stopped, and she had to indulge.

We’d already done most of the work, so we made a quick descent in search of something to eat!

There are many places to eat in Downtown Camden, but we were looking for something low key, and DD recommends the Whale’s Tooth Pub in Lincolnville. It’s quaint, with a great view of the Penobscot Bay. There’s also a small bar and a fireplace, and the food is always great. Address – 2531 Atlantic Hwy, Lincolnville, ME 04849

FMI + Menus:

Lincolnville also has a beach, a lobster shack and a brewery right in walking vicinity. You can also take a short drive to Cellardoor Winery, which is one of our favorite places!

We had margaritas and some appetizers, a great reward for our hike! Featured: bacon wrapped scallops and sweet potato nachos. and MARGARITAS!

If you’ve not been to Camden, Lincolnville, or Maiden’s Cliff – add them to your list! If you have, share your photos with us by using #lovemaineadventures!


Miles RT: approximately 2.0 miles  my GPS said a bit more

Elevation Gain: 734 ft.

Level: Beginner

Pets & Kids? – Both ok for hike up to Monument! Would avoid the loop.

Parking: At trailhead

Favorite gear: TBH we got most of our gear that we wore this hike at resale shops, which is why we’re working on a LMA resale shop!!! #adventurehacks – we’ve got your back!!

Otherwise our old faithfuls –
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questions? send us a message on facebook, or email us. 

Want to know more about how to begin hiking? Check out our Beginner’s Guide to Hiking!

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Maiden's Cliff



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