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Beginner’s Guide to hiking in Bangor- 5 Day Hikes in the Greater Bangor Area

Where to Hike in Bangor, Maine

We think Bangor is the perfect spot in Maine for a variety of reasons.  Bangor is the third largest city in the state so its a good place to make a living, housing is affordable, and quality of life is high.  But one of the biggest reasons we love Bangor is because it is the perfect jumping off point for a hike.   You can get to Baxter State Park and Acadia National Park in a little over an hour which means that some of the state’s best hiking, camping and adventuring is just a car ride away.

We wanted to share some of our favorite spots for adventure that are perfect for morning or afternoon adventures that will leave you with time for errands laundry or whatever your day brings.  These hikes are great for adventurers of every ability level and all offer great views from their open summits.

  1. Bald Mountain
    • Stats
      • Elevation 1,261 feet
      • About 1.5 miles roundtrip
      • Driving Time: Approximately 23 minutes one way
    • Details: This is the closest trip on our list.  There are some steep sections, but this is a good hike for older children and those who are just getting into hiking.  With views of Phillips Lake, you’ll be able to see how glaciers carved out this hilly, lake region.  You can read more about Bald Mountain and find directions here.
  2. Chick Hill & Little Chick
    • Stats
      • Elevation 1,160 feet
      • About 5 miles roundtrip
      • Driving Time: Approximately 34 minutes one way
    • Details: If you live in the Bangor area and haven’t hiked Chick Hill and Little Chick, you should plan a trip as soon as possible.  This relatively short hike provides great views of Acadia National Park and is perfect for a quick morning hike, post work hike when the days are longer and is great for snowshoeing.  This also makes for a good sunrise hike (although, we haven’t done that yet).  There are granite slabs and cliffs that make this hike interesting.  To get there, head west on Route 9 out of Brewer to the Chick Hill Road.  From the parking lot there are three ways to get to the summit.

      • You can take the trail on your immediate right when you start heading up the access road.  This will take you up and over Little Chick and then through the woods to Chick Hill.
      • You can bypass Little Chick and take the logging road on your right (approximately .5 miles up access road) that passes between Chick and Little Chick.  Follow the flags and trail markers.
      • You can take the access road to the top.
  3. Great Pond Mountain
    • Stats
      • Elevation 1,020 feet
      • About 4 miles roundtrip
      • Driving Time: Approximately 40 minutes one way
    • Details: This is Willow’s favorite hike because of its views of Penobscot Bay, the Penobscot Narrows Bridge and Acadia National Park.  It makes for a great snowshoe or night hike and has moderate grades so is relatively easy for kids.  The granite slabs at the false summit make for a great spot for a picnic lunch or cold beverage.  To get there, travel east on Route 3/US 1 out of Bucksport towards Orland.  Take a left onto the Hatchery Road.  Once you arrive at the Fish Hatchery follow the road and bear right until the road ends at a gate.  The trailhead is across from the parking area.

  4. Blue Hill
    • Stats
      • Elevation 940 feet
      • About 2-4 miles roundtrip
      • Driving Time: Approximately 50 minutes one way
    • Details: Penobscot Bay is right at your fingertips on this short, but beautiful hike.  You’ll have views of Acadia National Park, the bay’s islands, and the expansive Atlantic.  This trail system is great as it offers a variety of options to the summit. To get to the trailhead, take 172 or 15 to the Mountain Road. The trailhead is on your right if you are coming from 15 and on your left from 172.
  5. Borestone
    • Stats
      • Elevation 1,947 feet
      • About 2-4 miles roundtrip
      • Driving Time: Approximately 90 minutes one way
    • Details:  This is a gem of the northwoods.  A little further than our other hikes, this mountain’s panoramic views of the Appalachian Mountain Club’s Hundred Mile Wilderness and the Moosehead Lake region are breathtaking.  Leave the pups at home for this hike because this is an Audubon Sanctuary and dogs are not permitted. You can read more about this hike and how to get there here.

Have you done any of these hikes! We’d love to hear about it!

Wishing you blue skies!

– DD & Willow