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Where to Eat in Portland, Maine – 2018 Version

Where to Eat in Portland, Maine

By Wendy P. Smith

Recently someone asked me about where to eat in Portland, Maine. The question shouldn’t be where but what are you in the mood for? Portland has become a haven for such a variety of offerings it would be very hard to become bored with where to get coffee or grab a bite to eat. I love how creative locally owned businesses have become, making us want to come back to see what is new on the menu. My favorites list is growing often but I’d like to share a few I think you should check out when in Portland. Here’s a list of where to eat in Portland, Maine

Rose Foods

( probably could do a whole post on my hunt for good bagels in Maine but if I had to go with one in Portland it would be Rose Foods. They offer New York style bagels in a Jewish deli setting. Go on the weekend to enjoy the latkes.

Bard Coffee

( some Bard Coffee may be like their Central Perk, a place to hang out with friends and enjoy some coffee. You can sit and do some work on your laptop or relax and people watch enjoying the variety of their coffee drinks. They take their craft serious taking part in the latte art throw downs with other local coffee shops. Try the nitro cold brew.

HiFi Donuts

( HiFi Donuts doesn’t disappoint with their cake like donuts that are rich in flavor and made from scratch. The assortment can please any palate and they add speciality flavors daily. They’ve started having lunch specials made with their donuts.

Tandem Coffee

( Tandem Coffee is a wholesale coffee roaster that has two retail locations in Portland. They offer coffee drinks along with treats from their bakery. Go for the loaded biscuit.


( Dutch’s serves breakfast and lunch Tuesday-Friday and brunch on the weekend. Just seeing what they make up is drool worthy. They call their style classics with a twist.

Ten Ten Pié

( if you are looking for something different and delicious you need to check out Ten Ten Pié. They are a multicultural bento bakery that has a changing menu. You can grab pastries, hand pies, sweets or lunch. I recommend the bento box lunch to try a variety of things.


( Duckfat has been around for awhile in Portland and for good reason. They have fries fried in duck fat that you can dip in different sauces. Go for the fries and stay for a panini and a milkshake.

Figgys’s Takeout and Catering

( This place fries their chicken in cast iron skillets. You can even order a whole bird to take home and enjoy. They have biscuit sandwiches too. The A.A. Ron is delicious sandwich with chicken, shredded cabbage, buttermilk mashed potatoes with cream gravy that needs to be mentioned.

Big J’s Chicken Shack

( If you love fried chicken you can go to Big J’s Chicken Shack at Thompson’s Point. It’s a great place to grab chicken, sandwiches, fries or salads. If you can’t find seating inside, you can order then enjoy your food with beer at the brewery Bissell Brothers next door.

The Highroller Lobster Co.

( you can find a lobster roll easily in Portland but if you want something more go here. They are like lobster artists coming up with unique combinations like lobster grilled cheese. They also pour local beers and coffee.


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