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Sierra Designs Dry Down Pillow – Camping Pillow

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Camping Pillow Gear Review

I have a weird obsession with camping pillows. I hate how the moisture in the air makes my regular pillow feel when I am car camping. There’s always old faithful – stuff sack full of clothes. But there are brands out there just itching to make us the perfect pillow, so I believe we should most certainly try them out! Here’s my review of this great camping pillow.

I initially received this pillow in my Cairn Box, which you know I love. The value of the pillow itself ($30.00) is more than I paid for my favorite subscription box, so I feel like I have gotten a great deal 🙂 I took this with me on our most recent car camping trip to Acadia National Park, in our secret spot. It definitely held up and was super comfortable in my sleeping bag.

Price: $30.00

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Pros: Cozy, lightweight, can be used for car camping and also backpacking, stuffed.

Cons: Haven’t found one

Summary: A great addition to our car camping and backpacking arsenal. I slept very soundly with the pillow wrapped up in my sleeping bag’s headpiece. I’m looking forward to taking this on a backpacking trip this summer to see how it stacks up. You’ll need to stuff it while backpacking, but much smaller and much more comfortable than the original inflatable backpacking pillow I first bought. Highly recommend this camping pillow!

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