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Stress Free Moose

The Stress Free Moose Pub in Greenville is a must see when in the area! It’s a long time favorite, DD had her first experience here when she did her solo road trip to explore when she first moved up here. It’s grown exponentially over the years, from a small house, (where one of our friend’s families grew up!) to a small house with an outdoor patio, into a large house with two stories, a roof patio, and a walk up outdoor bar!

The Stress Free Moose is a locally owned & operated Pub and Restaurant/Bar and Grill in the Moosehead Lake, ME region and is open year round. A classic pub style menu with local beers available – you will want to try everything on the menu. It is a busy atmosphere, but you won’t mind waiting during prime time. The bar fills up with good people – you might make a friend or two. The staff always takes great care of their customers – you too will love this bar!

The Stress Free Moose is a family atmosphere. Bring your kids of all ages – they have a nice kids menu, and they for sure won’t be the only kiddos in the place!

By chance, or careful planning, you might enjoy some live music!


Stress Free Moose:

Address65 Pritham Ave, Greenville, ME 04441


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