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Salomon X Ultra Hiking Shoe Review

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Saloman X Ultra – Best hiking shoes

I purchased these shoes in Colorado on a whim. I had retired my hiking shoes from last season earlier this spring – you may remember my experience post-holing in Acadia when I wore the wrong shoes and almost got myself into some serious trouble. My trusty Merrels have taken me many many miles, and I am keeping those as a backup, but I gotta tell you. I AM IN LOVE. These shoes are probably the most comfortable shoe I have EVER worn. It feels like I am walking on clouds, no joke.Salomon hiking shoes



These babies are styling. The turquoise and navy accents are right up my alley, and they look super sharp. I know this is like the least important element of hiking shoes, but come on. It’s me. I have to look smooth in my photos. 🙂


They have the quick draw speed laces, which I really enjoy. They are quick and fast to get on, and you don’t have to worry about your shoes coming untied. I like the looks of them as well. The soles are very grippy and have ridges. I did get some gravel stuck in them when hiking in the rocky Colorado mountains (get it…) but I just hit them against a tree and the rocks easily came out. They are made with Gore-tex and are waterproof, so they are dry and protective as well as keeping out dust and dirt. I made sure that I was looking for the waterproof feature, after my last, uhm, experiment. The tread is remarkable – I felt safe on every surface.


They have these Ortho soles and they feel like walking on clouds, my feet feel like they are being hugged. I had no problems breaking them in – I wore them around the house the night I bought them because I was concerned they might be too small (I bought a 6, where I typically wear a 6 ½ or a 7) and they fit like I had been wearing them forever. They molded right to my foot, and I’ve had absolutely no issues or discomfort. I trekked these babies all over Colorado and Arizona and never missed a beat!

I’ve always had good luck with Salomons, I use them for my running shoe as well, and in our crew, there are a few others that use them, both men and women. Overall, if you have to make a choice based on brands alone, I’d definitely say that going with Saloman will lead you to the path of success.

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