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Big Agnes Sleeping Pad

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Sleeping Pad for Camping

Big Agnes Insulated Air Core Ultra Sleeping Pad

I received my Big Agnes Insulated Air Core self-inflating sleeping pad as a gift from my friend Sarah. Sarah had purchased it at an REI garage sale at a super discounted rate. I had JUST purchased a Therma rest pad, which I ended up returning (thank you Amazon!) so I could use my new gift!

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Pros: Lightweight, wide, holds lots of air. Insulated to 15 degrees

Cons: Takes a long time to fill, deflating takes a while

Overall: Stoked to have it!

Weight: about 21 oz. Comes in Small, Medium, and Large.

Our review:

This Big Agnes sleeping pad has been really good to me. I definitely recommend inserting it into your sleeping bag, if your sleeping bag has that option. It takes a while to blow up, so I typically do it in two sittings. Once when I first get there after getting everything ready to go, and then once again after my first campfire wine. I definitely do not fall off of it, and it is definitely like sleeping on an air mattress.

Recommendation: Add it to your arsenal!

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