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Klymit Sleeping Pad Cover

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Camping Gear Review – Sleeping Pad Cover

Hey guys, it’s DD. We are just coming off our annual Baxter State Park weekend, and I felt the urge to share this AMAZING new product (a sleeping pad cover) I used for the first time this weekend. It’s something I received in my Cairn package a few months ago, but sort of forgot about, and I really didn’t understand why I needed it. But, now I can’t ever go a night in the woods without it!!

Long story short, I received a Big Agnes XL self-inflating sleeping pad from my friend Sarah a few years ago – she scored it at an REI Garage sale. It’s awesome – but it’s sort of hard to stay on, and it’s cold when you creep out of your sleeping bag while tossing and turning overnight. When we went backpacking in Washington State a few weeks ago, I used her Big Aggie sleeping bag, and a smaller self-inflating pad that fits in the sleeping bag, and I remember thinking that was the bee’s knees last year. I was totally wrong. After using the XL for the summer, I was unhappy with the smaller version and was looking for a solution. I had been looking into a Therm-a-Rest Z Lite Original Ultralight Foam Camping Pad but I don’t think I need one anymore after trying out my Klymit Sleeping Pad Cover This thing is freaking MAGIC and at a price point of $25.00, you need this magic too.

Sleeping Pad Cover Specs

Klymit sleeping pad cover

To make the perfect sleeping combo, I also have my Cocoon MummyLiner microfiber and Klymit sleeping bag, all part of my Cairn packages, too. Sleeping bag is from the Obsidian. Pillow is from my house 🙂 Lean to is Baxter State Park. Want to know more about camping in Baxter State Park and hiking Katahdin? Check out our Beginner’s Guide to Hiking Katahdin! Then head over to our Emergency Kit post. You’ll be a pro in no time! #LoveMaineAdventures

Bonus, it’s machine washable and has a pillow pocket. It’s basically the best thing ever. It fits in a nice little stuff sack, and is super compact. Best. Thing. Ever!

Here’s a link to buy

Klymit sleeping pad cover
Mine is green and steel!

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Klymit sleeping pad cover




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