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James Kaiser – Author of Acadia National Park Guide

Meet James Kaiser

Next up in our series of Adventurers You Should Know is James Kaiser! We met James when we went out on the Acadia Lobster Cruise. He was there taking some images for their site. We started talking about what he does, and how he started doing it. It was a super inspiring story, and we’re super excited to support him and to promote his work!

Q1: Your name/nickname/trailname: 

James Kaiser. My mom gave me that trailname in 1977. 

Q2: Where are you from and where do you live? 

Born and raised in Bangor, ME, but currently living on the road. I was just in Utah working on a new guidebook to Zion National Park.

Q3: Your favorite adventure thus far: 

Rafting Grand Canyon. It’s the greatest outdoor adventure in North America. The view from the rim is fantastic, but the view from the river is beyond belief. 

Q4: Adventure goals: 

Visit every national park in America. 

Q5: Why you started your project: 

When I graduated from college in 1999, I came back to Maine and realized there wasn’t a decent guidebook to Acadia National Park. So I wrote my own. When it came out the response was overwhelming. People came up to me with dog-eared copies of Acadia: The Complete Guide telling me it was the only guidebook they used. Figuring I might have a knack for this kind of thing, I headed West and wrote more national park guidebooks. And I’ve been doing that ever since. 

Q6: What you hope others take from your project: 

Your backyard is full of hidden opportunities. Go out and find them! 

Q7: Tell us about your favorite thing about the outdoors and Maine: 

The coast of Maine. Sailing through the islands on a perfect summer day … it doesn’t get any better. There are, what, 4,000 islands off the coast of Maine? You could literally visit an island a day for a decade. There’s always some gorgeous new place to discover. 

What advice would you give aspiring adventurers for becoming more involved in your project or a similar project? 

Work hard. There are no shortcuts to quality. Fortunately, most Mainers intuitively understand this. 

Top 5 tips you’ve learned when creating your brand that you might want to share: 

    1. Constantly improve your skills.
    1. Avoid comfort zones. 
    1. Embrace new technologies.
    1. Be flexible. Conditions always change.
  1. Stability is overrated. Enjoy the ride.

What are your tips for surviving Maine winters: 


Your favorite Adventure Quotes/Mantras: 

“Travelling is time-out between two dimly clichéd places – a here that is fraught, hectic, relentless and infuriating, and a there that is peaceful, comforting, effortless and undemanding. But if that really describes your home and your holidays, then you’re living your life the wrong way around.”  – A.A.Gill

How can people connect with you? 






Email: james@jameskaiser.comGeo

James has recently been published in National Geographic as you can see in the photo below! We are so thrilled to have spent time with James and we are so inspired by his achievements! To read more about our experience chilling with James, you can read our post about the Acadia Lobster Cruise.

To support James (and us!) purchase your own version of the Acadia National Park guide by using our affiliate link!

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James Kaiser


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