Great Head Trail – Winter hike for Beginners in Acadia National Park

Great Head Trail is the perfect beginner hike in Acadia National Park

I remember the first time my friend Sarah got me to go hiking in the winter in Acadia National Park. I thought she was nuts. But, I love Sarah, so I went along with her “crazy” idea. I remember thinking, “only crazy people hike in the winter!” (You see where that got me…) I had no idea what microspikes even were, let alone have any idea what gear was appropriate! (You should definitely read this post that I put together when packing your bag for your winter hiking adventure! ) I put  together all of my cold weather gear, most of it was from Wal-Mart at that time, grabbed a box of wine, and off we went! 

I like this hike for first time winter hikers, because it offers incredible views with not a lot of gain. You can make mistakes and learn what is comfortable for you while winter hiking at a relatively low risk. Just don’t get too close to the edge on the cliffs and slide off! 

Accessing the Great Head Trail in the winter

Getting to the Great Head Trail in the winter can be tricky because of road closures on the Park Loop Road. You’ll have to take “the back way” into Acadia National Park. You can access the back way via the Schooner Head Road, right past Bar Harbor. Keep going through town, and take a left! Parking for the Great Head Trail is at the end of the Schooner Head Road. You can also access the Great Head Trail via Sand Beach, or you can stop at Sand Beach on your way along the trail. Up to you! 

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Trail Stats for the Great Head Trail Loop

Distance: Approx. 1.8 miles

Elevation: Approx. 265 feet

Trail: Loop, Great Head Trail

Kids: yes

Dogs: yes


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