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Beginner’s Guide to the West Face Trail up Cadillac Mountain

The West Face Trail up Cadillac Mountain is straight up!

My friend Ethan (@ethanoutthedoor) and I decided to hike the West Face Trial up Cadillac Mountain one hot summer day. I had heard a lot about this trail, about how treacherous it could be, and it was on my list – so I was stoked. I have hiked Cadillac Mountain from every trail possible, and was excited to add the West Face to my list!

Getting to the West Face Trailhead

Parking is at the Bubble Pond lot! It’s a teeny tiny lot, so if you’re planning on hiking this trail GET THERE EARLY. Or late!

Bubble Pond in Acadia National Park

Trail Stats for West Face up Cadillac Mountain

(According to the Maine Mountain Guide! Don’t have it? Purchase it here!)

Distance to Cadillac Mountain Summit – 1.6 miles, RT – 3.2 miles

Elevation Gain – 1,175 feet (yes, in 1.6 miles. This is rugged! Be prepared to use your hands!)

Trail: West Face Trail – Out & Back

Kids: If they like to scramble and aren’t scared of heights. It’s tougher than Beehive & Precipce, because of the distance and elevation. It’s a lot of the tough elements for a longer amount of time. WHiners beware!

Dogs: You’ll have to lift them, and if they slide on slick surfaces, you’ll want to make sure they are safe.

The Climb up the West Face Trail

climbing up Cadillac Mountain's West Face Trail

The trail starts climbing pretty much straight away. We had to use our hands a lot to move up the mountain. You cover 1,000 feet in elevation in 1.1 miles.

hiking up cadillac via the west face trail views
There’s a nice little cutoff with a great view of Bubble Pond!
Woman looking out at Bubble Pond in Acadia National Park
Ethan Evans on Cadillac Mountain in Acadia National Park Maine
Excellent views once you reach the intersection with the South Ridge Trail

You intersect with the South Ridge Trail up Cadillac Mountain to reach the summit. Once you hit the trail sign, rest assured the hard work is done! It’s smooth sailing and great views the rest of the way. On this particular day, we didn’t feel like going all the way over to the parking lot area, so we stopped and enjoyed the view from the flat area near the top.

Woman hiker on the summit of Cadillac Mountain

We enjoyed our summit beverages and took our videos up top! Ethan has partnered with Orono Brewing Company to do a series of beer tasting videos – I’ll share the link below, along with my video of the hike! Make sure you subscribe to both of our channels if you’re on YouTube!

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