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Beginner’s Guide to Moxie Falls in Maine

Visiting Moxie Falls in Maine

We visited Moxie Falls on a beautiful early fall day after spending the weekend at Lily Bay Campground in Moosehead Lake. We determined that we were not ready to head home to the Bangor Area, so Willow spearheaded a road trip through Jackman to check out Moxie Falls on the way home. We took the drive thorough and other notable stops on the way are Mount Kineo,  the Legend of the Flying Moose, Attean View, looking into Canada, and Bishop’s Store in Jackman, the Switzerland of Maine, where you can tell distances to some of your favorite places! We recommend stopping at all of these places if you’re doing a road trip from Moosehead Lake to check out Moxie Falls!

I love waterfalls – they are plentiful in Maine! We have written about a few other waterfalls – some of my favorites include Gulf Hagas and the waterfall between Acadia Mountain and Saint Sauvier. (Click the links to learn more!)Do you have a favorite waterfall? We’d love to hear about it. Post on social media and tag us – #lovemaineadventures

Getting to Moxie Falls in the West Forks, Maine

Trail Stats for Moxie Falls, Maine

Parking: In parking lot! 

Stats According to All Trails:

Miles – 1.7 out & back

Elevation Gain – 226 feet

Kids: yes

Dogs: yes

What to expect when visiting Moxie Falls

It’s a short walk into the falls, relatively speaking. We wore hiking boots in – the trail is pretty wide, but does have some slopes and ups and downs, but not much in elevation gain. You can definitely do this if you’re not a “hiker” – I’d consider it more of a walk. You travel approximately .75 miles through the woods before you reach the falls. When you get to the falls, there are a few platforms you can hang out on to take photos. We recommend going all the way down to the platform at the bottom to get the best views of Moxie Falls. We took a lot of photos from the second platform down. It was relatively busy the day we were out there. We saw lots of families with children, and their grandparents. This trail is great for people of all ages! 

When visiting Maine, definitely add visiting Moxie Falls to your list! 

Happy trails!

Photos of Moxie Falls

Moxie Falls Parking area
Path to Moxie Falls
Moxie Falls Scenic Area
Moxie Falls preview
Moxie Falls stream
Moxie Falls
Danielle Dorrie Moxie Falls
Moxie Falls side view
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