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Kenduskeaug Stream Trail

Hiking Trails in Bangor

I was pleasantly surprised to discover the Kenduskeag Stream Trail in Bangor. This path takes you on a scenic journey, starting in the woods and ending in Downtown Bangor. There are remains of dams and other relics of the logging areas, as well as waterfalls, and granite rocks. If you have time, you can also extend your walk over to the Bangor Waterfront! The trial has multiple parking areas, so you can start and end at a few different spots.  You can also link this trail with the Bangor Waterfront Trail and the River City Trail. 

The Maine Trail Finder refers to the Kenduskeaug Stream Trail in Bangor as a “scenic urban trail” and I really like that description! There is so much to see on this trail, and it’s a great path for many seasons! The trail is not plowed in the winter, but you can still access some of the highlights for viewing & adventuring! 

Parking for the Kenduskeag Stream Trail in Bangor

You can park in Downtown Bangor and access this trail! You can also park at a number of parking lots along the way. There’s a parking lot right past Downtown Bangor on the left – across from Deighan Associates. You can access the bridge across the stream easiest from this location. You can also go a little further up, there’s a parking lot on the right. This parking lot is right across the street from the Bangor Ice Park! During the winter, you can park here (it’s called Gateway Park!) to see some epic ice on the rocks across the street. 

Gateway Park, Bangor Maine

Just down Valley Ave., you can park at a lot that will allow you to access this cool old dam. There are some great waterfalls here – and maybe a troll lives in the culvert under the bridge! 

Kenduskeaug Stream Trail

Maps of the Kenduskeaug Stream Trail & Other Trails in Bangor

Maps of the Kenduskeag Stream Trail are available on the Greendrinks website and also on Maine Trail Finder! 

Downtown Bangor - Kenduskeaug Stream Trail


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