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Eagle Rock

Eagle Rock is one of the most underrated hikes with a great view in Maine. It had been on my list forever, but the threat of a dirt road and a 7 mile hike held me back. I was pleasantly surprised when I began driving to the trailhead – the roads were not that bad! In order to get to the trailhead, you pass the Big Moose Trailhead, and the Little Moose Trailhead. Continue down the road until you hit a dead end, where you’ll see a small parking area. There are NO bathrooms on the way, so make sure you hit a store on the way. 

The trail starts with a gradual climb – full of Moose Poop. You are in a wooded area with little to no cell phone service to keep that in mind! You should definitely carry a paper map with you, because the trail is not very well marked. You can tell where the trail is, but you have to pay attention. There are a lot of blowdowns on the trail, so use caution. You’re in the woods for a large majority of the hike. You climb up and down the side of the mountain – there are no switchbacks to be found! Bring lots of water, because this is a challenging hike, thanks to those roots! We stopped at the Raven’s Cliff lookout point. You must definitely do this. It’s a steep drop off, so use caution. Don’t send your kids up there to look without warning them! We had a snack break up here and it was worth it. The trail to the Eagle Rock summit is full of twists, turns, and roots and rocks. It’s honestly exhausting. 

Parking for Eagle Rock, Maine

You can find more information regarding parking on the Moosehead Pinnacle Pursuit website, or the Maine Trail Finder website. 

Trail Stats for Eagle Rock

DISTANCE: AllTrails says 6.5, we logged 7.1 RT.

ELEVATION: 1,735 feet, we logged  1,102 ft. (It felt like a lot)

TIME: It took us about 3:30 of moving time, 4;45 with breaks, food, photo shoots 🙂 


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