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How our Maine blog began

#lovemaineadventures, a Maine blog, was born in September of 2016 by Danielle Dorrie and Willow Sherwood to share what we had learned about exploring the outdoors, and to inspire others to get outside. We want to connect a community of explorers, focusing on Adventures in Maine (and New England)! Willow is a lifelong Mainer, who hikes at lightning speed. DD (Danielle Dorrie) is a Floridian who had never seen snow before moving to Maine in 2011. She hikes at about half of Willow’s speed. True story – DD gets 10,000 more steps climbing Katahdin! We got together and decided to start a Maine adventure blog!

What do we feature in our adventure blog?

We’re also looking for partners to learn and share remarkable things in our Maine blog. Our adventure blog highlights things to eat, drink, see, and do as well as hike, camp, ski, and other outdoor activities in all of our social media platforms.  We review gear, make lists of things to make your life easier, and we share some of our favorite tips and tricks. Willow and DD love this state + region, and want to share our stories with you, and want to hear yours! Use the hashtag #lovemaineadventures when you post on facebook, instagram, and twitter so they can find you!!

Experts on Mount Katahdin, Acadia National Park, and the Moosehead Lake Region

We feature many highlights on what to do in those regions! Some of our most popular posts are as follows – What to see on the Park Loop Road in Acadia, Where to eat in Bar Harbor, and Hiking in the Moosehead Lake region

Beginner’s Guides featured on our Maine blog

Check out our series of beginners guides, featuring the Beginner’s Guide to Mount Katahdin, What you should have in your emergency pack, and the Beginner’s Guide to Winter Hiking

We’ve been featured in the Bangor Metro and The Maine Show Podcast, and we’ve also done speaking engagements at Social Media Breakfast, Student Associations, and more!

Maine adventuresMaine Show Podcast

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