Love Maine Adventures is a community, started by the combined efforts of two women living in Maine,  Danielle Dorrie – (@danielledorrie on IG – @adventures_ofdd on twitter. She’s aka – DD)  and Willow Sherwood, (@lovemaine207 on IG and twitter).

Danielle Dorrie moved to Maine from Florida in 2010 in a quest for seasons, snow, fall, and adventure, and she met Willow soon thereafter.  Danielle was born and raised in Clearwater, Florida, went to college in Orlando at UCF, and  then moved down to Key West Florida, where she managed a restaurant and spent as much time exploring as possible, including boating, drinking, eating, and scuba diving. Her love for adventure was undeniable at an early age – her quest for knowledge and always knowing “WHY” and “HOW” would constantly get her in to trouble. Coincidentally, her high school superlative was “Most Mischievous”. She’s a night owl by nature, but has adjusted well to Willow’s 4 am wake up adventure calls, because let’s be honest – that’s what REALLY matters. She lives with her long time love, Matt, who occasionally adventures and is totally ok with being home on the couch while she’s out scaling mountains, and her three cat furbabies, Tink, Blackie, and Wiley. Yes, she’s a crazy cat lady, who loves wine, and has cat wine in stock. (FMI on that – just look for the #deepthoughtsbydd). She’s recently started her own social media marketing business,

Willow Sherwood, is a full-time single mom and professional and part-time adventure seeker (full-time adventure dreamer).  A first generation Mainer, she grew up in northern Waldo County and has lived in Farmington, Portland, Burlington, VT and is back in Waldo County.  The draw to the mountains and sea has always been strong ever since she was little where she spent her youth hiking in Acadia National Park and the Camden Hills with her parents.  In college she spent her time skiing and hiking in Western Maine and Vermont where her love of winter flourished.  When she’s not with her son, she spends her time finding new ways to make the most of Maine and New England and be outside as much as possible in every season.  She’s also a Furmom and shares custody of a big gorgeous Weimaraner named Gunnar – he’s featured on her IG often. 

Willow and Danielle have very similar interests but very different personality types, which is why we bring out the best in each other. But enough about the love fest – we both bonded over our love for the outdoors and adventure! DD is short and Willow is tall -and while our paces are different, our passions are the same.

We’re glad you found us. We look forward to engaging with you!

Sending Love and Light from Maine –

Willow and DD

DD + Willow from LoveMaineAdventures