Necessary tools for planning adventure

Here’s our list of things you need to start planning your adventures! They are all Amazon affiliate links, so if you purchase using one of our links you’re supporting our adventures and we really appreciate it! Watch for some partnerships with local Maine businesses coming soon as well. <3 (Sept. 2018!)

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Things you need for planning adventure

Planning & Maps

Another investment we HIGHLY recommend is guidebooks and (waterproof if possible) maps! You will definitely use these, plus it’s fun to research!



For your pack:

Before you start out on your adventures, you must make sure you have the 10 essentials! For more detailed info on what to pack, check out our What’s in your pack post!

Here are the things we never leave home without….

We highly recommend this Pocket Blanket from OpenWorld Outfitters. We’ve used this thing more times than we can remember. Check out our review here – Pocket Blanket – and it’s a great price!

First Aid Kit

Head Lamp

SPF Chapstick

Pocket Tissues

Energy chews. Cliff blocks are some of our favorites! This is a great variety pack!

Gluten free beef jerky or meat sticks – Lorissa’s kitchen or Vermont smoke are always good.

Nuts! or potato chips. Salty delicious snacks.

Examples –  Sahale Snacks All Natural Nut Blends Grab And Go Variety Pack (1.5 oz x 12 Packs) with 2 x 2″ Snack Clips

Lay’s Kettle Cooked Potato Chips Variety Pack, 40 Count

Baseball hat

We love our LoveMaineAdventures baseball hat! 

For your campsite

Pocket Bellows – never leave home without it. This will save your life when starting a fire!

Beeswax fire starters. Works great when things are wet.

Tablecloth covers. Just trust us on this. Of course, you’ll need a tablecloth, too.

Eazy up tent – to cover your site when it rains.

Thermacell bug repellant device – we actually use both and set up a complete forcefield.

We’ll be adding more favorites as we find them. Thank you for supporting us!