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Little and Big Niagra Falls

Hey! It’s DD. Last year, Jess, Willow and I went up to Baxter State Park on Thursday afternoon, looking for a short hike and some water before we set up camp for the weekend at Roaring Brook Campground. We had heard about Little and Big Niagara Falls, so we went to check them out! Side note – you do need a park pass to get in, so make sure you plan accordingly 🙂 The trailhead is at the day-use parking lot at the Daicey Pond Campground. From Maine Trailfinder: 

From Millinocket: Travel 16 miles northwest on the paved Baxter Park Road to the Togue Pond Gatehouse, passing buildings and Northwoods Trading Post on the right after eight miles. After entering the park at Togue Pond Gate, bear left and continue onto the Park Tote Road for 10.4 miles and then turn left onto the 1.5-mile Daicey Pond Road. The trailhead leaves from the day-use parking lot at the Daicey Pond Campground.

The parking lot fills up quickly, because there are campsites and Daicey Pond that you can access from this area. Just a warning! We’re looking forward to going back to Daicey Pond this year.


This trail is part of the AT, so we had to sign in and out!

This trail is short, with a big reward. You first hit Little Niagara, and we had a good time exploring and enjoying the views.


We continued on to see the Big Falls, after spending some time at the Little Falls, just taking in the view. You can climb out onto the rocks on the top, and be sure to head down to the bottom for a view of the full falls.



There’s a nice view point at the end of this trail – I believe it says “To Beach”. This would also be a great picnic spot. We did a little rock hopping and taking in the view before heading back to the pond. This was a awesome place to explore. It’s great for hikers of all abilities, and you can have the reward without much of the risk. This is a great picnic hike, and you can take a canoe out at Daicey Pond for a small donation when you’re done. We definitely recommend you add this to your agenda when visiting Baxter State Park for a chill day, or it’s a great destination from Bangor and the Greater Bangor Region.

Distance: 2.4 miles

Elevation Gain: 229 feet

For more info on Little and Big Niagara Falls and Daicey Pond :

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